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Protect Your Organization from Security Breaches with Microsoft Defender

Learn how to protect your organization from security breaches with Microsoft Defender with Vortex CTO/Founder, Matt Wheeler. During this hour-long recorded webinar, Matt discussed how MS Defender can add another layer of protection to your organization’s critical information.

Cybersecurity protection for Small to Medium-sized Businesses with MS Defender

It’s almost a daily occurrence on the news these days – “Company X suffers IT security breach conducted by hackers…”. As technology continues to evolve, so do potential cybersecurity threats to your business. Now more than ever, it’s paramount to be prepared in advance to mitigate potential harm to your organization and its sensitive data.

Developed and rebranded by Microsoft to help small to medium-sized businesses proactively detect and respond to potential security breaches, Windows ATP / Defender provides preventative, post-detection, and investigative response features to Windows Defender.

As skilled proponents of this advanced MS technology, Vortex IT Architechs work with businesses to assess, install, and manage MS Defender to protect client assets. Having successfully worked with MS Defender since its inception, Vortex IT Architects are also fluent mentors who provide basic to advanced training on how to install, understand, and use Microsoft Defender for Business across multiple scenarios.

Microsoft Defender for business Webinar

Dive deep into MS Defender basics and advanced instruction with Microsoft Expert and Vortex CTO and Founder, Matt Wheeler.

What We Covered:

  1. Introduction to Defender for Business
  2. Architecture and components
  3. Endpoint Protection
  4. Defender for Office 365
  5. Defender for Identity
  6. Azure Defender


Picture of Matt Wheeler, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Vortex, Strategic IT Architechs

Matt Wheeler

Chief Technology Officer + Founder, Vortex

Watch the recorded webinar to learn how to Protect your SMB from Cyber-threats

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