Wireless Access Points (WAP) Installation

Empower your business with reliable, secure Wireless Access Points (WAP) for faster Wi-Fi network coverage that encourages seamless internet connectivity anywhere, anytime.

Professional WiFi Network Installation Services in Washington DC

Whether it is a growing team with many connected devices needing a brand new installation via a LAN or an office with an existing wired network, Vortex can install Wireless Access Points (WAP) to connect and access the internet. A WAP emits signals for wireless devices to access the internet, empowering staff to conduct business from multiple locations by negating dead spots that cause issues.

As an IT Managed Service Provider, we offer full-service, nationwide wireless network implementation. We custom design, plan, and install your access points from start to finish to your location. 

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Inter-building, Multi-location Connectivity Services & Solutions:

  • Wireless Network Design
  • Wireless Coverage Assessments
  • Wireless Surveys
  • Wireless Network Installations
  • Wireless Security Audits
  • Wireless Performance Audits
  • Point-to-Point Wireless
  • Point-to-Multi-Point Wireless
  • Wireless Backhauls

Wireless Network Installation Process
for Better Internet Coverage

Our seamless WAP installation process ensures optimal internet coverage and connectivity. When designing your environment we provide professional installation with our on-site and remote IT support team. From the initial survey to the final calibration, we are here to assist your organization with ongoing access point management.

Learn more about our installation process, tools, and software capabilities, that empower your organization to remain connected across campus.

Predictive Surveys

We use advanced predictive survey tools and software to create a comprehensive initial report for your organization’s IT Infrastructure, analyzing your physical location and the digital environments you maintain. Your report accounts for coverage areas, building layouts, and floor plans including obstructive obstacles such as walls or heavy equipment. 

Predictive tools allow us to custom-tailor a wireless design that meets your organization’s specific needs with the hardware and licenses for wireless access points. Vortex’s IT Services guide you through equipment placement and acquisition ensuring full internet coverage where needed most. This process includes:

  • Assessing your project’s unique requirements
  • Integration planning for the new wireless LAN into your existing network
  • Executing a radio frequency (RFID) test
  • Strategic determination of Access Point placement to minimize interference
  • Compilation of a detailed Wireless LAN Equipment list

Cabling Assessments

Our expert cabling technicians conduct thorough site surveys to assess the cabling requirements for WAP implementation for your new office or existing LAN. This process involves:

  • Identifying Main Distribution Frames (MDFs) and Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDFs)
  • Mapping cable pathways to each Access Point position
  • Planning cable runs and determining requisite cable mounting hardware
  • Assessing material needs for a seamless cabling installation

During this phase, a dedicated Vortex cabling technician surveys your facility to comprehensively determine the cabling needs for the wireless implementation. You will also receive a comprehensive summary report containing your customized wireless plan tailored to your facilities with detailed information on:

  • RF Coverage
  • Link Speed
  • User Capacity
  • Channel Allocations
  • Signal Spillage
  • IT Security

Our strategic planning process accounts for factors such as: 

  • Access Point locations
  • Equipment recommendations

Equipment Procurement & Installation

Upon project approval, Vortex can initiate hardware procurement and installation of the necessary equipment requirements for your job site. Our connections and established relationships with various vendors and distributors allow us competitive pricing for cables and hardware. 

You can trust our expert technicians to handle your project’s installation with great attention to detail. We implement two primary methods for installation including: 

  1. Running Cables to Access Point Locations including mounting hardware and Ethernet cables to run in a neat arrangement and concealed placement whenever possible.
  2. Installing Access Points and Head-end Equipment to ensure proper operating integration with your existing network by:
    • Install security enclosures
    • Verify radio channel, SSID, bit rate, and IP address configuration
    • Mount and connect antennas to Access Points
    • Antennas will be mounted and connected to Access Points
    • Backbone LAN connection to Access Points
    • Connect the power supply to Access Points
    • Configure firmware for peak performance
    • Firmware configuration will be optimized for peak performance.

Root Cause Spectrum Analysis

Say goodbye, to the time-consuming of resolving wireless issues. What once took exhausting hours or days to correctly identify can now be corrected in a matter of time. Our root cause spectrum analysis software proactively identifies the causes of problems by collecting information from all Wi-Fi devices, correlating events for quick identification.  

Once your facilities are deployed with our wireless networking solutions, hardware, and equipment, we will diagnose and troubleshoot your problems using our full spectrum of analysis tools and software. Our comprehensive reports address extensive network usage with precision and efficiency by streamlining the identification and troubleshooting process.

Now companies with growing team members, numerous devices, and rising wireless issues can gather information from their existing infrastructure to uncover issues around connection interference, bandwidth bottlenecks, and device limitations without exhausting your internal IT department

Wireless Access Deployment Options

Our range of wireless access deployment options ensures your devices remain secure and connected no matter where you roam! 

Indoor Access Points

Our Indoor Access Points are designed to provide seamless and reliable connectivity within enclosed spaces.

Whether it’s an office, retail store, or educational institution, our indoor solutions offer high-performance wireless access inside.

Outdoor Access Points

Step out in the open with our Outdoor Access Points. These robust solutions are crafted to withstand various weather conditions while delivering strong and secure wireless coverage.

Ideal for outdoor venues, campuses, and public spaces.

Multi-Location Access Points

Connect your business across multiple locations with our Multi-Location Access Points. Our solutions are meant for businesses ready to embrace Microsoft’s Modern Workplace and the dynamic shift towards remote work.

Strategically designed for inter-building connectivity multi-location access points offer a unified and efficient wireless network for diverse settings such as business complexes, school campuses, and large enterprises.

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