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Recognizing the exponential growth of the Microsoft market years ago, Vortex focused its education, IT services, and projects on serving this ever-growing need.  Trained, certified, and tenured in multiple Microsoft products and solutions, Vortex Architechs are Microsoft Maestros in assessing, strategizing, planning, and executing solid MS IT solutions for clients across the spectrum. 

From simple business setups and migrations to more complex Microsoft Dynamics installations, Vortex Microsoft Maestros are skilled savants to help clients optimize their IT investments and run their businesses with minimal interruption.


Vortex helps clients leverage their Microsoft licensing investments to maximize overall understanding, usage and benefits gained from these powerful applications.  Vortex works in tandem with client practitioners to identify, train and implement Microsoft software throughout all project phases. With extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with multiple Microsoft technologies and tools, you could say we have a Microsoft-spot in our hearts for every client we serve.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a feature-rich, customizable, integrated ERP application that enables organizations to connect people, processes, and data across multiple applications to optimize business operations corporate-wide.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies the best features and functions from Microsoft’s customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions into one fully integrated cloud-based service.  Enabling core integration with Microsoft 365, MS Dynamics provides clients with customizable capabilities to streamline multiple departments, processes, and systems including sales, customer service, marketing, project management, accounting, operations, and more.

With multiple years of experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics solutions for clients across several markets, the Vortex team are expert in assessing, strategizing, and executing seemingly complex operations into streamlined business operations.

To dive deeper into Microsoft Dynamics details, please visit the Microsoft Dynamics section of our website.


With the advent of the remote workplace, it’s likely you’ve interacted and collaborated with Microsoft Teams for business or personal use at some point. Introduced by Microsoft in 2017, Microsoft Teams is a business-oriented communication and collaboration platform that combines workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration to help people and organizations optimize communication, collaboration, and productivity.

As certified MS Teams practitioners, Vortex Strategic IT Architechs can install, customize, and train your teams how to utilize Microsoft Teams as a full business phone system.


Microsoft Office 365 is a set of subscription-based services that provides a suite of Microsoft applications providing consumers and small-to-medium-sized businesses products such as:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • OneNote

As skilled experts certified in all Microsoft Office 365 applications, Vortex can install, train, and maintain client software locally or remotely to help optimize work environments. Vortex has customized and built out numerous MS Office 365 solutions for our full-time managed IT clients.


SharePoint is a website-based collaboration and storage option that empowers users to create, organize, store, and manage content, files, and information quickly and easily. Highly customizable for client-specific needs, Sharepoint is used by hundreds of thousands of organizations seeking to collaborate, automate, and manage knowledge effectively.   

Vortex will assess, build, and integrate your Microsoft Sharepoint instance to meet your organization’s specific knowledge management needs. Coupled with live, interactive training sessions, Vortex Microsoft Sharepoint installs provide a cost-effective, efficient way to manage your organization’s access to important data. 


Microsoft Power Apps is a suite of applications, services, and data connectors that enable developers to quickly program customized apps specific to client business needs without the need to write complex programming code to achieve goals. Whether connecting directly to stored data or via various online (i.e. MS Dataverse) and/or on-premise data sources like SharePoint, MS 365, MS Dynamics, etc.,

Microsoft Power Apps enables developers to transform cumbersome, manual technology and business operations into optimized, automated enterprise logic to run organizations smoothly. 

Having worked hands-on with Power Apps for 3+ years, our teams are adept at utilizing this streamlined technology to convert complex technology challenges into streamlined solutions.


Available to premium, business, and educational subscribers, Microsoft Planner is a collaborative tool that enables organizations to share files, manage teams, assign tasks, and collaborate effectively. Similar to Slack and other collaboration tools available on the market, Microsoft Planner is a powerful, centralized communication hub that streamlines organizational work environments. 

Used personally by all Vortex Strategic IT Architechs, Microsoft Planner is a familiar, powerful tool that can easily be installed and trained for any size client.


Microsoft Power BI is a set of software services, applications, and connectors that integrate together to convert raw data from multiple applications into business intelligence to help clients run businesses more effectively. Whether data is stored in the cloud, on-premise in Excel or other applications, or a combination of several disparate systems, Power BI provides clients with seamless access to knowledge via easy-to-comprehend, customizable interfaces. 

Available to install and use as a desktop application, online SaaS model, or mobile device access, Vortex can take the lead on integrating this powerful service while providing customizable training throughout all phases. 


Initially launched as Microsoft Flow, MS Power Automate is a business process management tool/service that helps clients automate business workflows to collect, view, manage, and communicate information between multiple systems. Helpful for organizations with minimal manpower or infrastructure to perform individual functions, MS Power Automate streamlines data to help improve, analyze, and manage business processes corporate-wide.

With technology and business roots in multiple small to medium-sized organizations, Vortex are avid proponent of using MS Power Automate to help clients automate disparate systems into streamlined workflows. 


Harnessing the unlimited power of the cloud, our teams are experts in utilizing Microsoft Serverless SQL programming language to process distributed data without the need to manage physical servers on-premise. 

Mastering this cloud-based technology enables quick access to “big data” via data lakes like AWS S# or Azure without the need to create a data pipe or inject data into distributed databases, hence mitigating the potential for error and minimizing costs to clients. Since we don’t need to provision a server, serverless SQL auto-scales, provide clients with a pay-per-query cost structure, hence paying for only the amount of processed data.


As seasoned Microsoft masters across multiple products and services, Vortex can provide expert Microsoft consulting expertise to help clients articulate a vision, develop IT strategy, and execute flawless implementation and integration across enterprises. Our teams collaborate with client constituents to mutually craft information technology solutions specific to client business environments.