Microsoft 365 Defender Articles

Whether you are new to Microsoft 365 Defender or you are an experienced user, you can learn the best practices for using the software and tips for getting the most out of Microsoft 365’s valuable resources for your organization.

Our collection of Microsoft 365 Defender articles is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the comprehensive cloud-based security suite.

What is Microsoft 365 Defender?

Microsoft 365 Defenders is an enterprise defense system that detects, prevents, investigates, and responds to endpoints, entities, emails, and applications that post a threat to cybersecurity attacks. Unlike many integrated protection systems, Microsoft 365 Defender unifies enterprise-level responses for both pre and post-breach attacks.

Microsoft 365 is a member of the Microsoft 365 Dynamics family of products. Alongside other products, Defender assists organizations with:

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Microsoft Defender Training and Resources

Utilizing expert training and resources when using Microsoft 365 Defender for your organization can bring plenty of benefits including:

  • Knowing how to use Microsoft 365 Defender to protect your organization from cyberattacks.
  • Learning about best practices for using Microsoft 365 Defender.
  • Getting tips for leveraging your Microsoft investment.
  • Staying up-to-date on the latest features and functionality of Microsoft 365 Defender.
Featured Article

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