While a great majority of our work can be conducted remotely anywhere in the world, the majority of Vortex clients are located in the Washington DC metropolitan area, in relative close proximity to our DC-based headquarters.  Whether performed onsite or virtually, Vortex serves clients across multiple industries, with the same hands-on, collaborative, exemplary service regardless of size or complexity.

From general business to non-profit, legal, financial and beyond, Vortex Strategic Architechs are uniquely positioned to exceed client expectations from analysis, to strategy to flawless execution.

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​Vortex has worked alongside multiple Non-Profit, 501C, 501C6 and philanthropic organizations, each possessing unique needs specific to their business operations and end customers.

With the unique nature of non-profit organizations, we pay special attention to threat protection, privacy and budgetary considerations so clients can operate cost-effectively and safely. 


Whether provided at the collegiate, high-school or grade school level, Vortex works with multiple educational institutions to empower staff and students with the necessary applications, data and security they need to maximize their educational experience.

Regardless of supplemental or full-time support, Vortex understands the unique requirements educational institutions possess having worked with multiple clients over the years.


With specific regulations, rules and requirements, the federal government requires government contractor to jump through multiple hoops to conduct business seamlessly. ​As seasoned veterans working directly with government contractors, Vortex keeps abreast of all federal and state compliance, regulatory and legal requirements (like NIST and CMMC) to streamline complex processes and optimize workflows.

Having performed multiple IT audits and strategies for government contractor clients, Vortex streamlines compliance for SIEM, SPRS, SSP, CDPP, CSOP, and other licensing standards.  Vortex provides all documentation, audit reports, and results to every client as part of the process. 


Legal matters require immediate attention during all phases of planning, litigation and ongoing practice for law firms, corporations, the courts and the clients they represent. 

Technical downtime is not an option, as billable hours, security and access to data are critically important to ensure legal compliance is met on multiple fronts. 

Having worked with multiple organizations in the legal space, Vortex knows what it takes to plan, implement, train and flex with client needs as they evolve.


With the temporary and sometimes remote nature of construction projects, Vortex provide flexible onsite and remote IT services to assist builders and architects in completing their projects within a secure, functional environment. 

While core IT needs are sometimes universal across industries, Vortex has adapted and evolved its services to anticipate, plan and execute powerful IT solutions to clients operating within this specified vertical market.


​As the world of healthcare continues to integrate and evolve its technical capabilities across multiple constituents, so do the cyber attacks on the industry, making it one of the fastest growing targets for online criminals operating in the dark web. 

Vortex has worked with multiple healthcare organizations to install, monitor and maintain powerful, integrated technology solutions to ensure HIPPA compliance while maximizing security and efficiency.


​More than most industries, financial institutions present the most common targets for malicious attacks.

Vortex has extensive experience working with financial organizations to plan, strategize and implement rock solid technology solutions with laser focus on security, compliance and backups to ensure clients, and their customer’s, data is safe.

We work with one of the largest independent wealth advisers in the country (rated top 15 by Forbes).


Regardless of “location, location, location”, Vortex collaborates with multiple real estate firms to empower representatives with remote access to the information they need to conduct business effectively in a secure environment.