IT Services

Boom, Done.

At Vortex, our approach to providing exemplary IT services is simple, powerful, and unique to the industry. We approach every client’s problems and needs like it was our own business – via a powerful blend of acute listening, genuine empathy, and confident agility to anticipate and execute flawless technology solutions.  

Our highly skilled Strategic IT Architechs forge genuine relationships at the forefront of every engagement, carrying through each project from start to finish, earning us an unheard of, 100% client satisfaction rating year after year. 

Balancing agility, experience, and acute attention to detail, Vortex provides exemplary customer service from vision to strategy, execution, mentoring, and beyond. Experts across all Microsoft technologies, methodologies, and best practices, Vortex is uniquely positioned to exceed client expectations on all fronts.

it support & management at a predictable Rate

At Vortex, we understand that every business has unique IT needs. That’s why we offer both Co-Managed and Managed IT Services tailored to suit businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to larger organizations. Our services grow with your business, adapting to your evolving technology demands and regulations to guarantee holistic IT management.

We operate on a proprietary basis, which allows us to offer IT support and management solutions at a predictable monthly or annual rate. With our transparent pricing structure and service agreements, you can eliminate the unpredictability of IT costs and better allocate your budget for technology-related expenses.

Full-Service IT management

For SMBs and Larger Organizations

Our Managed IT Services offer comprehensive coverage for all your technology needs, regardless of your business size. As your IT partner, we focus on seamless integration and data security as we manage your entire IT ecosystem ensuring smooth operations and robust system protection.

Co-Managed IT Support

Collaborative IT Management

Our Co-Managed IT Services are perfect for businesses with an existing IT team. Our collaborative approach ensures that you get the best of both worlds as we work seamlessly with your in-house IT professionals to complement your organization’s existing skills and resources.


Live Help Desk

At Vortex, customer service never takes a coffee break. Our Help Desk provides a full-time, local, Vortex Microsoft Certified Customer Success Technician that begins working on customer inquiries immediately.

Available via phone, email and / or chat, clients can rest assured that they can reach help whenever the need arises.  

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24 / 7 Technology Monitoring

Vortex 24 / 7 technology monitoring is constant, operating endlessly to ensure your technology systems are functioning at optimal capacity, monitoring for potential threats, intrusions and suspicious activity that could potentially harm your business.  

Onsite Technical Support

While many technology support needs can be addressed and achieved online in a virtual environment, some are better served via hands-on attention on-site.

Pending client needs and physical proximity parameters, Vortex staff can work onsite when needed to collaborate and / or take the lead on any technology issues that may arise.

IT Security & Compliance

Vortex provides clients with advanced IT Security services spanning networks, cloud, applications, and “Internet of things” security measures to ensure all computer systems, networks, programs, and data are protected proactively. Our Strategic IT Architechs collaborate will all constituents to develop and implement solid IT Security plans that will safeguard client data and operations across the enterprise.

As a subset of IT Security services, Vortex provides advanced IT Compliance services to ensure clients meet ever-evolving legal, business, and regulatory requirements across the organization.

Comprised of cybersecurity, monitoring, and safeguarding of data, Vortex IT Compliance services include ongoing research, meticulous planning, and ongoing monitoring of market requirements and resulting technology operations within an organization inclusive of:

Industry Regulations

Government Policies

Security Frameworks

Client/Customer Contractual Terms

CMMC, GDPR, HIPPA, FICA and others

For additional information about Vortex IT Security and Compliance Services please visit the IT Security section of our website.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery are crucial components of every client’s information technology strategy, acting as an insurance policy to ensure vital data is stored, secured, and accessible in the event of an emergency. Vortex provides clients with powerful technology expertise and solutions for both backup and disaster recovery.

Vortex provides multiple customizable business continuity planning strategies to maximize uptime in the event of an emergency. 

Enhancing Microsoft’s Azure Well-Architected Framework, Vortex Vault is a customized data backup and disaster recovery solution developed internally to provide clients with a detailed action plan outlining all chronological procedures performed in the event of a data outage.

Functioning within a Microsoft Azure Cloud, Vortex can quickly and easily identify, respond, and resolve a potential data disruption to ensure clients can continue to operate while providing an immediate backup of all data in a safe environment.

Backup Services

Vortex will create, host, and secure a full copy of all client data to provide a backup copy of all client information in the event of an accidental deletion, database corruption, software upgrade, or other technical glitch.

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Disaster Recovery Services

Regardless of disaster source (i.e. cyber attack, natural disaster, and/or human error), Vortex will create, provide, and execute a complete Disaster Recovery Plan defining all critical and timely processes to reestablish access to applications, data, and/or other resources after an outage.

While each case is unique, in some cases Vortex may set up a redundant set of servers and storage systems as a parallel solution as primary sources are resolved.

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Recently rebranded and operating via the cloud within Microsoft Teams, Vortex provides Microsoft 365 Business Voice services – a cloud-based telephony system that provides modern phone system capabilities inclusive of; call parking, call forwarding, auto attendants, chatting, call queues, and audio conferencing. 

Negating the need for VOIP or antiquated landlines, Microsoft 365 Business Voice enables optimized communications via cell phone, laptop, computer desktop, tablet, and stationary phones, saving clients time and costs associated with installing disparate systems.

About Microsoft 365 business voice


Vortex develops customized onboarding programs to help clients plan, set up, and train staff on how to use technology systems and software to empower their workspaces.  We adapt to each client’s processes to make transitions simple and easy.  New employees can start with a turn key experience and 1-on-1 technology training on their very first day.

On the flip side, Vortex also helps clients offboard staff when leaving an organization to ensure privacy, data, and logistics are protected. 

Office Automation

A Microsoft Office suite is an example of office automation. The software saves time and money by placing all of your documentation and resources in one place. On a more complex level, you can consider things such as CRM tools, automated emails, and accountancy software.

As modern technology and the people that use it continue to evolve, automating your workplace is more important than ever. Vortex Strategic IT Architechs are experts at working with clients to understand their specific office technology needs and converting them to practical, functional solutions.  From CRM to email systems, accounting systems and beyond, Vortex can ensure your office is a smooth automated machine. 

Cabling + New Office

To optimize workplace environments in new or existing office settings, Vortex has extensive experience in setting up cabling, firewalls, switches, networking, servers, and network jacks to ensure clients can conduct business seamlessly.

About Cabling + new Office Services

AV + Conference Room Setup

Today’s modern office requires seamless setup, integration, and usage of advanced conference room technologies to enable clients to meet, collaborate, share and work together in both virtual and onsite environments. 

Vortex can plan, architect, and install modern audio-visual technology systems to create comfortable, functional conference spaces so clients can work at optimal capacities. From displays, microphones, cameras, and speakers to the back-office Wi-Fi, ethernet, and software that connect them, Vortex will build a conference room environment that compliments and enhances your business.

Skilled in multiple quality conference room / office set-up technologies including Polytech, Logitech, Duante and more, our team builds streamlined, easy to use environments using the best systems available that don’t require advanced knowledge to operate.


Vortex can set up firewalls between internal networks and outside traffic to protect client computer hardware and software from unwanted intrusions.  Once set up, firewalls act as a fortress to protect client IT investments by monitoring, tracking, and preventing malicious attacks on client businesses.


Vortex can install Wireless Access Points (WAP) to enable clients to connect, access, and communicate via the web from virtual locations within their offices.

Whether installed on existing wired networks or via a LAN, a WAP emits signals for wireless devices to connect and access the internet, in turn empowering staff to conduct business from multiple locations sans direct connections via wires negating dead-spots that can cause issues.

About Wireless Access points (WAP)


Complementing our standard implementation and training of powerful IT solutions, Vortex can also develop customized training programs to maximize staff knowledge, usage, and productivity of software and hardware systems. 

Collaborating with client leadership, the Vortex team are masters at creating and teaching engaging programs to empower staff at all skill levels. Vortex offers customized training solutions spanning multiple disciplines.