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As the world of IT continues to evolve, so does the underworld of cyberattacks, malicious activity and other criminal intent aimed at disrupting business activities. Having the right IT security plan is not an option anymore – it’s required – to protect organizations from the thousands of technology threats that can ruin a business.

Vortex provides customized plans tailored specifically to individual client needs that flex, evolve and scale as organizations prosper. Our team will assess current systems and policies, develop a detailed IT security plan and implement the systems in parallel with training staff to ensure understanding and compliance.

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Vortex Vault

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Enhancing Microsoft’s Azure Well-Architected Framework, Vortex Vault is a customized data backup and disaster recovery solution developed internally to provide clients with a detailed action plan outlining all chronological procedures performed in the event of a data outage.

Functioning within a Microsoft Azure Cloud, Vortex can quickly and easily identify, respond and resolve a potential data disruption to ensure clients can continue to operate while providing an immediate backup of all data in a safe environment. 

Vortex Vault includes:

IT Strategy


procedure documentation

policy documentation

staff training

updated reports

Providing clients with the confidence they need to operate their businesses without worry

Vortex Verified

Security Best Practice Checklists

Vortex Vault is a collection of 150+ security best practices obtained, vetted, written and performed by Vortex to provide clients with enhanced business continuity, and ongoing security intelligence as the world of IT evolves.

Updated and communicated quarterly in unison with our clients, Vortex uses this valuable document to act as a litmus test against our clients’ security measures to keep them aware, knowledgeable and compliant with the latest technologies and best practices to protect their organizations. 

Created to help clients plan budgets 5 year’s in advance, Vortex Verified includes checklists covering all aspects of an IT infrastructure, inclusive of; security, networking, hardware and budgeting.


As the world of cyber-attacks and malicious activity continues to evolve worldwide, so do efforts to combat the criminals who conduct these illegal and harmful activities. An ongoing battle on the IT front, cybersecurity provides added layers of security across; infrastructure, applications, networks, cloud environments, and IoT (i.e., Internet of Things) to protect them from unauthorized access. 

As skilled professionals across multiple cybersecurity technologies and strategies, Vortex Strategic IT Architechs can provide clients with a detailed audit and plan prior to implementing any recommended enhancements.  Vortex also provides tools, technologies, and enhancements to maximize client safety.

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Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS)

Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) is a mobility management and security platform that helps organizations protect corporate assets and staff personal information.

Providing an added layer of protection and Microsoft expertise for Windows 10, 11, and MS 365 Dynamics, Vortex IT Architechs can analyze, install, and maintain EMS systems for clients remotely and/or onsite. 

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA (i.e., multi-factor authentication), is a 2-step security feature that requires users to provide/perform two individual steps to prove their identity prior to accessing a system. Popular with credit cards, websites, and other personal and business computer systems, MFA provides an extra level of security to identify, confirm, and allow individuals to access accounts or systems, hence adding an extra layer of confidence to individuals and organizations. 

Vortex can quickly assess, create, test, and implement applicable MFA security functions on internal and external networks, computer systems, and personal devices where appropriate to optimize client security measures throughout their organizations.

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Microsoft Defender

Developed and rebranded by Microsoft to help organizations proactively detect and respond to potential security breaches, Windows ATP / Defender provides preventative, post-detection, and investigative response features to Windows Defender. 

Vortex can install and maintain this powerful, automated Microsoft technology solution to help mitigate security breaches in client technology environments to identify, investigate, and remove threats quickly before they penetrate deeper and cause issues. 

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Developed to add additional protective layers and steps to enable access to information systems, encryption or cryptography is the method by which information is converted into secret code in plain text to hide the information’s true meaning. 

Vortex can set up encryption technologies to protect client internal technology systems adding an additional level of security to provide peace of mind where needed.

Penetration tests + Vulnerability scans

Otherwise known as pen testing or ethical hacking, Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Scans create proactive cyber incidents used to breach, spread, or wreak havoc on internal computer networks, computer systems, websites, and applications stress test system defense mechanisms prior to experiencing a real attack.

Penetration testing tools can also be used to test an organization’s security policies, regulatory compliance, employee security awareness and ability, or lack thereof to respond to incidences when they occur.

A critical component of all security assessments and plans, Vortex Strategic IT Architechs perform the role of skilled “hackers” to test all systems before, during and after installation to provide clients with the confidence they need to conduct business in a safe and secure environment.

Advanced Threat PROTECTION (ATP)

Microsoft Office 365, “Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), is an advanced tool that identifies, thwarts and protects client email and collaboration applications from potentially harmful links, downloads and content. 

Installed remotely and / or onsite, Vortex can efficiently install ATP tools on individual systems and networks to circumvent and prevent potential email-related malicious messages from harming your organization.  Coupled with monitoring, ongoing testing, detailed reporting and incident response action plans, ATP is a critical component of all Vortex security and IT services.

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Security Training

While having a solid security plan in place is vital to an organization’s day to day operations, equally important is teaching staff at all levels who, what, when, where, how and why to abide by it. 

Since IT security plans typically include multiple layers, details, variables and uses, it’s paramount to ensure all employees are aware of policies, understand the importance of them, adhere to them and know what to do in the event something is detected.

Our Vortex staff are savvy communicators, skilled at mentoring staff at all levels to ensure internal compliance with new or evolved security policies.  Vortex will provide ample training in-person, remotely and / or in writing to ensure client organizations, and the people that run them, are knowledgeable of all policies corporate-wide.

As an added level of security, Vortex can create custom “phishing” emails to test users as part of a comprehensive solution.