Microsoft Dynamics

MICROSOFT dynamic thinking

While some may say that Microsoft Dynamics is the way of the future, others will argue it’s already here in full force.  As experienced proponents of the latter, Vortex has invested extensive time, effort and funding to become one of the premier Microsoft Dynamics implementors and consultants in the industry.  Coupled with our Microsoft Direct Partnership, Vortex is uniquely positioned to plan, lead and orchestrate streamlined Microsoft Dynamics projects regardless of complexity. 

Built as an enterprise-wide, feature-rich technology toolset with multiple modules, Microsoft Dynamics is a complex, yet powerful technology requiring deep knowledge of client business goals, processes and technology systems that power organizations to optimize results, timelines and budgets.

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Free Microsoft Dynamics Assessment Program

Designed for clients who are considering embarking up a potential MS Dynamics project, Vortex is offering a free deep dive analysis and strategic assessment of their IT infrastructure to help determine the best course of action together.

The analysis includes several hours of free services provided by (1) Vortex Strategic Architech to analyze environments and make strategic recommendations – at no cost to those who participate. 

To learn more or get started, please visit our MS Dynamics Assessment Page


Vortex Strategic IT Architechs are esteemed Microsoft Dynamics experts skilled in converting complex Finance, Project Operations, CRM, HR, ERP and many other modules into streamlined business machines in a cost-effective and time-sensitive manner. 


Multi-Location International ERP Migration to MS Dynamics

  • Client – A $200M international client with 1,000+ employees and offices located 5 countries 
  • Challenge – Convert finance, project operations and HR systems into MS Dynamics ERP system 
  • Solution – Assessed, collaborated, integrated, communicated and trained staff on MS Dynamics
  • Results – Completed 12-month project in 5 months to meet client hard deadline

Government Defense Contractor Sales and Service CRM System

  • Client – A 100+ person Washington, DC based government defense contractor  
  • Challenge – Integrate MS Dynamics with legacy Sales, Service and Procurement ERP system 
  • Solution – Configured, implemented, and trained on Dynamics 365 Sales Professional with a custom built QuickBooks Integration application
  • Results – Customer has streamlined their sales process and created much better visibility into their sales data 

National Non-Profit Organization CRM + Operations Solution

  • Client – A 200+ personal national non-profit organization based in Washington, DC 
  • Challenge – Build new Accelerator CRM Mode in Dynamics to track grants, programs and clients 
  • Solution – Configured, implemented, and trained on Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Project Operations, and Dynamics 365 for non-profits
  • Results – Converted / reduced 7 existing systems into 1 integrated, fluid CRM system


The Tangible and Intangible Factors that Separate us from the Competition

With several years’ MS Dynamics experience under our belts spanning various capacities, Vortex provides advanced MS Dynamics expertise to help clients achieve their overall business goals. 

Complimenting our core knowledge, skills and experience, see below for a quick summary of some the other intangibles factors that bolster our abilities to exceed client expectations. 

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We provide the same, if not more advanced, levels of technology expertise, experience and MS Dynamics acumen as the bigger consulting companies to maximize client return on investment

Customer Service Agility

We provide advanced “Customer Service Agility” providing clients with expeditious solutions coupled with exemplary service to save time, cost and effort

Variable Project Complexity Savvy

Regardless of project size, scope and challenge, Vortex Strategic IT Architechs are savvy practitioners treating each project as if it were our own business challenge

Convert Complex to Simple

We convert complex projects into simplified solutions by mixing the right level of analysis, strategy and execution to achieve the seemingly impossible

Maximize Out of Box Solutions

We lead with out of box solutions to minimize time, cost, effort and complexities, and supplement with customizations rather than starting with them. 

Analysis Before Implementation

We conduct a deep dive into client business, technology and human factors prior to recommending strategies or implementing solutions

Confident Business + Technical Acumen

Our staff is highly trained, competent and at the top of their game as one of the most advanced MS Dynamics experts in the field

High ROI Value for the Dollar

While not inexpensive, every dollar spent provides an exponential return on investment evident in long term productivity and savings

Tangible Business Results

All MS Dynamics projects include tangible business results clearly defined, communicated and approved as projects progress

Employee + Client Team Stability & Longevity 

Our employees are motivated, inspired and focused resulting in long-term stability as available partners for the long term

Mentors by Nature

Our knowledgeable staff are experts in training, mentoring and inspiring client employees to master the art and science of MS Dynamics