Microsoft 365 Business Voice: VoIP Phone Systems

Use Microsoft 365 Business Voice, a cloud-based telephone system providing modern phone system capabilities, to unify your organization’s communications. 

Cloud-Based VOIP Phone Systems Built for Collaboration in Microsoft

Break free from the confines of traditional VOIPs and phone systems with the mobility offered by Microsoft 365 Business Voice. Microsoft 365 Business Voice revolutionizes your communication experience by integrating advanced telephony features into the cloud-based infrastructure. 

As a comprehensive business phone system, Microsoft 365 Business Voice transforms traditional telephony systems into a modern unified communication platform. Using the familiar Microsoft Teams interface, you can foster collaboration through one ecosystem for calling, meeting, and messaging. Business Voice can be added to Office 365 and Microsoft 365 subscriptions that include Microsoft Teams (up to 300 licenses).

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Vortex’s Microsoft 365 Business Voice Services

Recently rebranded and operating within Microsoft Teams’ cloud, Vortex brings you Microsoft 365 Business Voice services, offering a cloud-based telephony system with modern phone system capabilities. Our services include call parking, call forwarding, auto attendants, chatting, call queues, and audio conferencing, providing a comprehensive solution for your communication needs.

Modern Phone System Capabilities

Negating the need for VOIP or antiquated landlines, Microsoft 365 Business Voice ensures optimized communications via cell phones, laptops, computer desktops, tablets, and stationary phones. This not only saves you time but also reduces costs associated with installing disparate systems.

Call Parking

Efficiently manage call flows with temporary call parking, ensuring no important conversation goes unanswered.

Call Forwarding

Seamlessly redirect calls to designated numbers or colleagues, optimizing communication pathways and ensuring accessibility regardless of location.

Auto Attendants

Impress callers with a professional automated receptionist who efficiently directs callers to the right department or individual.

Chatting Capabilities

Foster instant collaboration and information sharing through integrated chat features to ensure communications are never limited to traditional voice channels.

Call Queues

Organize and prioritize incoming calls with customizable queues, ensuring a smooth and efficient handling process for high call volumes.

Audio Conferencing

Elevate your virtual meetings with crystal-clear audio conferencing capabilities, enabling seamless collaboration for teams spread across various locations.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice vs Business VOIP

Unlike traditional Business VoIPs, with Microsoft 365 Business Voice you can be available from anywhere on a variety of devices to ensure connectivity whether you are at your desk or on the go. Plus, Microsoft 365’s user-friendly system is designed to make merging and managing calls, conferences, and other communications easy. 

Difference #1: Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem

Microsoft 365 Business Voice integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and the broader Microsoft 365 ecosystem, creating a unified platform for communication and collaboration.

By capitalizing on familiar interfaces you can streamline user adoption and enhance overall productivity. Other VoIP systems may lack the depth to integrate with productivity tools, requiring additional effort to navigate between platforms.

Difference #2: Increased Cost Efficiency with a Subscription Model

Microsoft 365 Business Voice operates on a subscription-based model, allowing businesses to pay for the services they need. Traditional VOIP systems typically involve ongoing maintenance costs for hardware upkeep, software updates, and troubleshooting. In contrast, Microsoft 365 Business Voice shifts the responsibility of infrastructure maintenance to Microsoft’s cloud services, reducing the burden on in-house IT teams and minimizing ongoing maintenance expenses.

One of the key advantages of Microsoft 365 Business Voice is its cost-predictable, cloud-based model that eliminates the need for investing in expensive on-premises hardware often required by traditional VoIP systems. With Microsoft 365 Business Voice, organizations can avoid the significant upfront costs associated with purchasing and setting up on-premises servers and also accelerate the deployment timeline.

Difference #3: Unified Collaboration & Communication Features

Microsoft 365 Business Voice facilitates unified communication and collaboration through a single, cohesive ecosystem within Microsoft Teams. Traditional VoIPs may have collaborative features, but the integration often requires the users to switch between applications leading to a fragmented and time-consuming user experience.

Difference #4: Remote Flexibility,  Mobility, & Security

Microsoft 365 Business Voice enables users to be available from anywhere on a variety of devices. Mobility features may vary in traditional VoIP systems and users might not have the same level of remote accessibility as provided by the cloud-based infrastructure of Microsoft 365 Business Voice. 

Security is so prioritized with Microsoft 365 Business Voice’s cutting-edge features for data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and compliance tools. Security features in traditional VoIP systems may not match the comprehensive security protocols integrated into Microsoft 365 Business Voice, potentially leaving communication more vulnerable to threats.

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Seize the opportunity to enhance your communication strategy. Microsoft 365 Business Voice offers unmatched capabilities in cloud-based telephony. 

Take the first step towards a more efficient and modern communication platform tailored to your Washington DC business. Let Vortex’s team of Microsoft Partners empower your organization with seamless connectivity, flexibility, and the cost-efficient benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Voice.

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