Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Empower your organization with protection from the evolving landscape of ransomware, CEO fraud, and cyber attacks with the cutting-edge security measures of Microsoft 365’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), a crucial component in fortifying your email and workplace collaboration applications against potential threats.

Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft Office 365, “Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), is an advanced tool that identifies, thwarts, and protects client email and collaboration applications from potentially harmful links, downloads, and content. 

Installed remotely and/or onsite, Vortex can efficiently install ATP tools on individual systems and networks to circumvent and prevent potential email-related malicious messages from harming your organization. Coupled with monitoring, ongoing testing, detailed reporting, and incident response action plans, ATP is a critical component of all Vortex security and IT services.

 Protect Business Emails From Malicious Cyber Attacks with Microsoft ATP

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Unrivaled Cybersecurity Solutions for Email Management Systems

Our commitment to your organization’s cybersecurity goes beyond installation. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Vortex offers a holistic approach to ATP services, providing:

  • Constant vigilance to monitor, detect, and respond to emerging threats in real-time.
  • Regular testing and ongoing assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of ATP tools, adapting to potential threats.
  • Transparent reports for a comprehensive view of your organization’s security posture.
  • Incident Response Action Plans for in the event of a security incident we can ensure a swift response mitigating potential risks.

Microsoft 365 ATP Targeted Fraud Forensic Capabilities

Microsoft 365 ATP introduces advanced targeted fraud forensic capabilities into your email management system. Powerful tools for 24/7 analysis, identity verification, and monitoring are a proactive approach for your organization to combat fraud attempts and ensure a secure digital environment.  

Explore the full suite of Microsoft 365 product capabilities to fortify your organization against targeted fraud and a wide spectrum of cyber threats.

Threat Inspection & Quarantine

In the event of a detected threat, inspection and quarantine capabilities of Microsoft ATP enable a proactive response to identified hazards facilitating swift isolation and quarantine, to minimize potential risks to your organization’s security.

Real-Time Link Click Protection 

Microsoft ATP offers real-time link click protection to safeguard your organization against harmful links, dynamically analyzing and verifying URLs to ensure users are safe from phishing attempts and malware as soon as they appear in inboxes.

Identity Spoofing & CEO Fraud Protection

Protecting is paramount in today’s threat landscape. Microsoft ATP protects against identity spoofing and CEO fraud using specialized measures to safeguard the integrity of your organization’s communication channels and prevent unauthorized access.

Intention & False Facts Identification

Microsoft ATP goes beyond traditional threat detection by incorporating intention and false facts identification capabilities for early identification of malicious intent and the recognition of false information, strengthening your organization’s resilience against deceptive tactics.

Spy & Malware Detection

Dedicated capabilities for spy and malware detection with Microsoft ATP offer a comprehensive defense against espionage and malicious software, employing advanced threat intelligence, AI, and behavior analysis.

Targeted Attack Detection

Microsoft ATP’s targeted attack detection feature is designed to identify and mitigate sophisticated cyber attacks aimed at your organization by analyzing patterns and anomalies to provide early warning signals for you to take swift action and neutralize potential threats.

Malicious Document Decryption

Advanced techniques for malicious document decryption using Microsoft ATP will expose and neutralize potential threats within documents, adding an extra layer of defense against document-based attacks.

Anti-Phishing Measures

Microsoft ATP’s anti-phishing measures provide robust protection against social engineering attacks through email authentication and machine learning algorithms, senders are authenticated and actively blocked if phishing attempts occur.

Blended Attack Protection

Microsoft ATP counteracts blended attacks with a multi-layered defense approach using behavioral analysis to find new cyber threats before they happen.

Vortex’s Defense Strategy for IT Infrastructures

Today’s businesses demand a versatile defense strategy for their IT infrastructures. At Vortex, we employ a combination of cutting-edge techniques through Microsoft 365’s ATP including freezing, URL scanning, rewriting, and sandboxing, creating a robust and adaptable shield from the dynamic nature of cybersecurity threats.

Sandbox Environment

Elusive cyber threats, if not intercepted, can potentially cause millions of dollars in damages once they infiltrate a company’s system. Our Sandbox Environment is set up to scan email attachments for potential malware and subject each file to a virtual, isolated test environment. 

Our sandbox allows the file to run and for us to observe any potentially harmful effects without risking the integrity of your IT infrastructure. The secure, controlled environment proactively identifies threats before they can manifest within your organization’s systems.

We recommend sandbox environments as a preemptive approach to preventing the infiltration of malicious elements that could compromise your data and operations. Our system takes immediate action if the analysis reveals the document contains malware. Infected emails are quarantined directly, and our vigilant IT security team is promptly notified to take swift response measures to neutralize threats before they can pose any harm to your organization.

Freezing Mechanisms

Freezing mechanisms are our way of halting cyber threats in their tracks, neutralizing malicious activities instantly. Our proactive approach is designed to prevent any further impact on your IT environment, safeguarding your organization from the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Emails deemed suspicious are temporarily held back in our sandbox environment. The email undergoes re-scanning during the brief hold period.

Our virus detection engines identify any malicious elements and swiftly move the email directly into quarantine. Real-time response measures ensure ransomware, blended attacks, and phishing attempts are intercepted before they can reach your email inbox.

URL Scanning & Rewriting

Our advanced URL scanning and rewriting strategies play a crucial role in identifying, blocking, and neutralizing potential threats in real time. Proactive email security measures such as this diligently examine web addresses to defend against phishing attacks and malicious links, blocking potentially harmful URLs in their tracks before they can reach users. 

Secure Links is our specialized service designed to go beyond conventional URL scanning and rewriting, replacing the original link with a rewritten version passed through our secure web gateway. Every link is subject to a real-time check to ensure threats are not disguised within links. 

Upon a user clicking on a link, we initiate a deep web scan to review the target site and follow links to find malicious web resources. Our comprehensive examination of the source site ensures hackers and cybercriminals cannot access confidential user data or infect devices with malware.

Integrating Advanced Threat Protection
into Email Security

We understand that a robust cybersecurity strategy requires seamless integration and collaboration between various components. Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) stands as a linchpin in our approach, seamlessly integrating with our broader spectrum of security and IT services. Our approach ensures that ATP becomes a central pillar in your organization’s defense strategy, providing continuous protection against cyber threats.

Unified Threat Management

Microsoft 365 ATP centralizes threat management for a unified view of potential risks across your IT infrastructure. Unified threat management streamlines security processes for faster response times and more efficient threat mitigation.

Collaborative Network Security Measures

ATP works with your existing security infrastructure fostering collaborative security measures that enhance the overall resilience of your organization. Interoperability with other networks, devices, and security tools creates a multi-layered defense system leaving no room for vulnerabilities.

Scalable Protection and IT Support

As your organization grows and evolves, so will the landscape of potential cyber threats. Our managed cybersecurity services offer a scalable approach to day-to-day IT support. Whether you require occasional assistance or routine services, our team is available to assist with system monitoring, threat detection, and patch deployment. 

User-Friendly Implementation & Training

Our team at Vortex ensures a user-friendly implementation of Microsoft 365’s ATP. We work with your team to minimize disruptions to daily operations while transitioning to the service. 

By offering customized user training and support, you know your team is ready to leverage ATP’s capabilities and your IT investment. 

Unlock the Power of Email Protection

Don’t leave your organization vulnerable to cyber attacks. With the formidable defense of Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) integrated seamlessly into your email security strategy, you can safeguard communications against ever-evolving threats, ranging from ransomware to CEO fraud. 

With Vortex’s comprehensive and proactive approach. You can fortify your email and collaboration applications against potential risks. Contact us and allow Vortex to be your trusted partner in managed IT security.