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As the old saying, “Plan your work and work your plan” implies, diligent IT strategic planning is a critical first step in identifying, defining, and achieving an organization’s overall business and technology goals.  Without a solid technology plan, companies are literally shooting in the dark, opening a figurative pandora’s box for potential peril.

As experts in migrating technology environments to the cloud, Vortex helps clients optimize overall performance and enhance IT security enabling businesses to evolve, scale, and maximize their investments in a time-efficient and streamlined fashion.

Approaching each client challenge as if it were our own, the Vortex team delves deep into client needs, issues, and challenges to truly understand the overall nature and end goals at hand prior to recommending any technology solutions.  From audits to strategic plans to custom workflow designs, our skilled staff provides clients with thoroughly researched, defined, and creative IT recommendations aligned with client corporate initiatives to act as a catalyst and guardrails for all forthcoming initiatives.

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IT Consulting

Complementing our core IT strategy and services offerings, Vortex provides advanced, collaborative IT Consulting Services to help clients plan, integrate, and implement standard or customized technology solutions for their organizations. Working alongside client staff, Vortex can create customized technology audits, plans, and workflow solutions to help clients optimize their technology investments regardless of complexity.

In addition, as natural mentors inspired to achieve the impossible ourselves, the Vortex team are savvy mentors trained to guide, evaluate, and motivate internal client technology practitioners to improve their overall business and technology acumen.

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As commonly defined and paraphrased as a “unified business, personal and technology environment that creates positive effects on people and productivity”, creating an inspiring, connected, and collaborative “Modern Workplace” is an important goal with any technology installation or upgrade. Coupled with trends toward mobility, virtual meetings, and flexible work weeks, creating a motivating, functioning Modern Workplace is a critical component for any client to achieve.

As part of the Modern Workplace, we can help to unify your experience across all devices. Whether it’s Mac OS, Windows, iOS, or Android, we help you adapt to the “new normal” by implementing mobile solutions that will allow you to collaborate and become as productive out of the office as you are when in the office. You can securely access your data and solutions from any device from any location, any time.”

Working within a Modern Workplace ourselves, Vortex Strategic IT Architechs blend rational and emotional thinking in designing, developing, and integrating customized Modern Workplaces that clients can call home.

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Collaborative Solutions

Regardless of project complexity, scale, and goals, collaboration between internal and external resources is critical to ensure project success. Coupled with communication between people, it’s just as paramount to make sure disparate technology systems communicate with each other where applicable, as most companies use multiple technology tools to operate their businesses.

Whether installing MS Teams, Sharepoint, Planner, more complex Microsoft Dynamics, or other technology products, our people are fluent communicators in listening, learning, and leveraging the right solutions with all parties involved.

Virtual CIO

Devised to optimize client budgets in parallel with talent, the Vortex Virtual CIO program provides clients with a flexible alternative to hiring and staffing a costly, full-time CIO. Our Virtual CIO program provides expert guidance from vision to strategy to execution, either remotely or on-site as needed, mirroring typical full-time CIO roles and responsibilities. 

Disciplined across a wide range of Microsoft and other technologies, Vortex Virtual CIOs provide clients with the confidence, expertise, and accountability needed to optimize technology operations in support of business initiatives.

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As the world of technology, business, and regulatory requirements continue to evolve, Vortex Strategic IT Architechs maintains a proactive educational approach to research, learn, and implement the latest compliance requirements for clients. 

From policy development to implementation, communication, training, and maintenance, Vortex’s Compliance program prepares clients proactively to ensure organizations stay on top of the latest compliance requirements inclusive of CMMC, NIST, HIPPA, GDPR, SOX, PCI, and others. 


While out-of-the-box Microsoft technology products are powerful solutions to client challenges, in most cases, they can be augmented or improved by developing streamlined custom workflow solutions specific to each client’s environment. 

In collaboration with client constituents, Vortex has developed numerous custom workflow designs to help teams plan, implement, test, troubleshoot, and operate recommended technology solutions as projects progress.


As seasoned Microsoft maestros across multiple Microsoft technologies, Vortex Strategic IT Architechs can provide clients with a customized training program to guide and train internal IT staff on the latest technologies, techniques, and tools. Whether implemented individually, by a department, team, or across an entire organization, our team will mentor users via training guides, live training (either virtually or onsite as needed), and recorded training sessions for continuous education.

Skilled with Onboarding Office 365, Security, SharePoint, Teams, Best Practices, and other disciplines, Vortex customized training programs provide solid time and cost-effective solutions to assist clients with continuing education.