Microsoft Dynamics Assessment Program

A Free Deep Dive Analysis and Strategic Assessment of Your Organization’s IT Infrastructure

With the ongoing evolution of the modern, remote workplace for organizations large and small, making sure your IT systems, processes and tools are integrated and operating in a safe, secure and efficient environment is more critical than ever.

That’s where the Dynamics Duo of Vortex and Microsoft Dynamics working together come in.

Built as an enterprise-wide, feature-rich technology toolset with multiple modules, Microsoft Dynamics is a complex, powerful technology tool that empowers organizations by streamlining connectivity, communications and productivity across multiple technology systems. 

Vortex Strategic IT Architechs are esteemed Microsoft Dynamics experts skilled in converting complex Finance, Project Operations, CRM, HR, ERP and many other modules into streamlined business machines in a cost-effective and time-sensitive manner.

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What is it?

A new program created by Vortex to provide potential clients with a free strategic assessment of their IT infrastructure prior to embarking on any potential Microsoft Dynamics projects.

What does it include?

Free assessment and strategy services provided by (1) Vortex Strategic Architech to analyze environments and make strategic recommendations.

Who’s eligible?

Any organization wishing to further grow / optimize their current or future IT investments.

What does it cost?

Zero.  Vortex will assign (1) Strategic Architech to assess and provide strategic recommendations free of charge – a $3,000 value at no cost.

How long will the process take?

Pending mutual team availability, access and collaboration, the entire evaluation typically spans 1-2 weeks.  Actual worked performed will be 5 hours or less.

How do I get started?

Simply complete the quick form below to get the process started.  Once received, one of our Strategic IT Architechs will contact you to gather additional information and discuss next steps.

What’s the deliverable?

Upon completion of the analysis, Vortex will provide and present a 4-5 page document and / or live PP presentation outlining key findings, observations and recommendations. 

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