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Microsoft Defender for Business: What You Need to Know

Cyber-attacks have been on the rise for years. In 2020 alone, there was an increase of over 300% in ransomware attacks – 50% of which negatively impacted small and medium-sized businesses. Cyber-attacks aren’t going away, hence, more than ever, it’s imperative that your business devices are safe from malicious actors and ruinous cybercrime.

That’s where endpoint protection solutions come into play. One of the best solutions available today is Microsoft’s Defender for Business.

What is Microsoft Defender for Business?

Microsoft Defender for Business is an endpoint security solution that helps you better protect your devices from ransomware, malware, phishing, and other threats. It protects all your organization’s devices including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. It’s designed to proactively protect your devices, inform you about trending threats and automatically respond to security incidents.

Microsoft Defender for Business is specifically designed for SMBs with up to 300 employees. Typically priced at $3 per user / per month, it’s cost-effective as a stand-alone solution but is also included as a part of Microsoft 365 Business Premium licensing no with an additional fee.

MS Defender for Business is simple to set up and easy to use with its streamlined onboarding and management experiences. Widely considered one of the best solutions on the market, we recommend it to all our clients that come to us for our Microsoft expertise.  

Magnifying glass magnifying the words Microsoft Defender Online security, simplified.
Easy-to-use online protection for you, your family, and your devices
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How Microsoft Defender Protects Your Business

Microsoft Defender safeguards your business devices with its enterprise-grade endpoint protection, including, but not limited to:

  • Threat and vulnerability management which works by identifying and managing all software vulnerabilities in real time so you can proactively build a secure foundation for your organization
  • Attack Surface Reduction helps prevent attacks from happening in the first place and minimizes the level of cyber-attacks across your devices and apps
  • Next Generation Protection prevents malicious attacks on your company devices with robust antimalware and antivirus solutions
  • Endpoint Detection & Response uses always-on scanning with behavioral monitoring to quickly detect and block new and emerging threats
  • Auto Investigation & Remediation examines the alerts that happen, prioritizes tasks, and helps you focus on the most sophisticated threats facing your organization
  • Additional capabilities include automated cross-platform functionality, network protection, and web blocking.
Blue shield with lighting bolt
Microsoft Defender for Business Elevate your security
Threat & Vulnerability Management
Attack Surface Reduction
Next Generation Protection
Endpoint Detection & Response
Auto Investigation & Remediation
Simplified Onboarding and Administration
Apis and Integration
Microsoft Defender for Business features and capabilities.

Is Microsoft Defender for Business the Right endpoint security for You?

Microsoft Defender for Business has been rated one of the best endpoint security detection and response solutions available today. It’s effective in thwarting malicious actors from attacking and disrupting your business and detects then remediates threats in real time.

We can conclude that Microsoft Defender for Business is the perfect fit for small and medium-sized businesses, especially ones that prioritize security and want to have peace of mind.

To learn more about Microsoft Defender for Business, visit the IT Security section of our website.

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