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5 Advanced Microsoft Teams Features You Never Knew Existed

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration platform designed to optimize productivity and communication for businesses and teams of all sizes. With its extensive range of features and tools, it offers a comprehensive solution to enhance your workflow. However, you might not be fully aware of the numerous valuable functions available in MS Teams.


To help you harness its true potential, our Microsoft Experts have curated a list of five advanced Microsoft Teams features that can revolutionize your productivity and streamline your work processes. They include:

  1. Chat with distribution lists
  2. Post in a channel via email
  3. Translate messages
  4. Priority access
  5. Shortcut keys

1. Chat with Distribution Lists in Microsoft Teams

Are you tired of manually entering email addresses to create group chats with members of your distribution lists? Microsoft Teams offers a simple and efficient solution.

When composing a new message, all you need to do is type the name of the distribution list, and voila! The list of members will automatically populate, saving you time and effort. Plus, managing the group is a breeze, as you can easily add or remove individuals as needed.

Chat distribution list in Microsoft Teams

2. Post in Microsoft Teams Channel via Email

In our previous article, we highlighted the seamless process of sharing your Teams messages to Outlook. Now, we’re excited to introduce the reverse functionality, allowing you to post messages within a Teams channel via email.

To begin, simply obtain the group email address by selecting the ellipsis and clicking on “Get Email Address.” Once you have the email address, you can effortlessly send messages to your entire team via email! This action will instantly generate a comment within the channel, ensuring that all members can easily view and engage with your message.

Post in Microsoft Teams Channel via email

3. Translate Messages in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers yet another valuable feature called Inline Message Translation, revolutionizing multilingual communication within the chat interface. With this feature, you can effortlessly translate messages written in various languages to your native tongue, right from within the chat interface itself.

Just a simple right-click on a message and select the “Translate” option. The message is instantly transformed into your preferred language.

Translate inline messages in Microsoft Teams

4. Mark individuals + channels as a priority with microsoft teams

Another remarkable feature in Microsoft Teams is Priority Access, empowering you to prioritize certain individuals or channels and ensure their messages and notifications receive your immediate attention. This functionality proves to be invaluable, especially when working with large teams or managing critical projects.

Just follow these simple steps: open your Settings, navigate to “Privacy,” and select “Manage Priority Access.” With just a few clicks, you can take control of your communication and stay on top of what matters most.

How to mark mark specific individuals or channels as a priority with Microsoft Teams

5. Use Microsoft Teams Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Teams has many useful keyboard shortcuts available as well. Here are just a few to get you started.

  • Ctrl + /: Show available keyboard shortcuts
  • Ctrl + N: Start a new chat
  • Ctrl + E: Go to the search bar
  • Ctrl + Shift + M: Toggle mute/unmute during a meeting

To view the full list of shortcuts, press Ctrl + . (period) to open the command box. See below some more examples of the many keyboard shortcuts available within Microsoft Teams.

See all of Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn More from the Microsoft Teams Experts

In conclusion, Microsoft Teams is a powerful and dynamic platform designed to amplify remote collaboration and optimize workflow efficiency. With its wide range of features, you can seamlessly integrate various tools and applications to expedite navigation and enhance usability.

From the convenience of team distribution list chats to the time-saving benefits of keyboard shortcuts and the versatility of emailing to post, the possibilities are endless. Empower yourself with these incredible features and revolutionize your work processes starting today. Microsoft Teams is your gateway to enhanced productivity and streamlined collaboration.

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