Leveraging Microsoft Licenses to Maximize Your IT Investments

To help you maximize your Microsoft licenses and get the most out of your IT spend, join Matt Wheeler, Vortex CTO / Founder, and Maria Gaffney, Vortex Client Success Tech II, for a 45-minute webinar on Wed, March 29th at 1 PM EDT discussing multiple ways to understand, activate and use the plethora of Microsoft Licenses likely hidden right before your very eyes.

Microsoft Licenses Webinar

If you’re like most organizations, your company likely owns multiple Microsoft licenses used to operate your business.  From MS Office to Teams, Sharepoint, and beyond, Microsoft software touches our business and personal lives almost everywhere we turn.

While “owning” Microsoft licenses is an important first step to optimizing your business, actually “using” them is critical to ensure you maximize IT investments, productivity, and results.  Sometimes it’s as simple as understanding what you have, where to access it, and how to use it.

What We’ll Cover:

  1. Understanding Microsoft Licensing (difference between business and enterprise)
  2. Maximize the value of your licensing (e.g., defender for endpoint to replace antivirus, ATP to replace third-party spam filter)
  3. Best practices for MS licensing (e.g., standardize on one set of licenses)
  4. Exploring applications included with standard licensing (stream, bookings, power apps, power automate, MS To Do, forms)
  5. Tools that help you take advantage of your licensing (viva learning)

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