How-to Papers


Ranging from 2-6 pages in length, Vortex How-to Papers provide users with detailed steps, instructions, and tips, blending easy-to-digest copy with clearly illustrated visuals to mentor readers across multiple technologies with hands-on training topics.

Using Microsoft 365 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Features to Minimize Risk

In this How-To Paper we will discuss why organizations should consider using Microsoft 365’s DLP tools to protect sensitive data, showcase specific data loss prevention scenarios and provide a detailed tutorial on how to set up a DLP policy for your organization.

How to Use Microsoft 365 Power Automate for Document Approval

In this How-to Paper, we will focus on building an automated approval flow within a SharePoint list. We will show you how to create an approval process so anytime an item is added to our Microsoft List someone will receive a request to approve it. We will also discuss how information is shared, approved and/or rejected between IT managers and users.

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